The advantages and disadvantages of using solar energy

The energy that is driven from the radiation of the sun is known as solar energy. The power of the sun as an energy source is great and also this divided energy can be made useful by installing solar panels. The sun provides enough energy to the earth in one year so that it can meet with the global energy need of one year within one hour. Solar energy is as a very reliable source of energy because it will never get depleted since the source of this energy is the sun. But there are certain advantages and disadvantages of using a solar energy that are discussed below.

Advantages of solar energy

  • It is a renewable energy source which is one of the most important advantages of solar panels. This energy comes from the sun and so it can user in every places around the world and in a limit less way since we cannot run out of solar energy. To know more about solar energy and how does installation of solar panels help you should visit this page to know more residential solar panels Alberta.
  • This helps in the reduction of the electricity bills. With the use of solar energy panels now we are making use of solar energy that will cost much less than that of electricity. So use of solar panels helps in cost reduction. Electricity that is saved due to the use of the solar energy through solar panels can be sent back to the electric grid which will help in restoring the non-renewable power or energy source that is electricity.
  • The system allows diverse applications. Solar energy is used for many purposes. This energy can be generated in the form of electricity energy and heat or thermal energy. This solar energy is also useful in generating electricity in certain areas without the use of energy grids. The solar energy can also use to distil waters in certain regions that have limited supply of clean waters and it is also used to power satellites in space. For buildings this solar energy is also used as integrated materials.
  • The maintenance costs of these solar panels are also low because they do not require that much of maintenance.
  • The technologies of these solar panels are very well developed. Also the use of residential solar panels can be very useful.

Apart from having several advantages, there are certain disadvantages of solar panels as well, and these disadvantages are discussed below.

The disadvantages of use solar energy are listed below:-

  • The use of solar energy can be a little costly. Only the initial cost of purchasing a solar system is high.
  • As this solar energy depends on the radiation of the sun so we can say that solar energy is weather dependent and it is a disadvantage.
  • This may be associated with certain types of pollution like transportation and installation of solar systems are associated with emission of greenhouse gas.
  • The solar system which consists of solar panels uses a lot of space.