When it comes to replacing the main water line, there are lots of accompanied signs that make you aware. Several factors wear down your main water line over time – time, use and weather conditions. Pipes drains, and plumbing in your house endures a lot. So it’s important to when your main water line needs replacement. The damaged main water line is not avoidable, even though nobody wants to undergo the stress of damaged plumbing.

Signs of a damaged main water line to look out for

The main water line acts as a delivery, it delivers water in and out of your house. The main water level has a continuous flow of water through it, exposing it to damages – clogs, breaks, and Water Heater Leak. Therefore taking proper care of them is really needed. If not prioritized, you might find all your plumbing worse or bad to use. Although, with appropriate care and attention most of this catastrophic event s can be avoided. However, some damage is not always caught early. Some more future damages might be avoided by immediate replacement of the main water line.

Being aware that your main sewer line is faulty, is a great place to begin, in order to have all plumbing issues both present and future resolved.

Below are warning signs you should look out for:

Clogging plumbing – this is the most common consequence of a damaged sewer line. This consequence is as a result of clog existing somewhere along the main water line. A clog is made up of waste or debris accumulated, the root of a tree, an aging or collapsed pipeline. Although, clogging plumbing are common, if they persist then it might be time to have your main water line replaced. You can find some tips on water heater replacement at https://www.familyhandyman.com/plumbing/water-heater/replacing-a-water-heater/view-all/.

Tree root incursion – roots of trees are known to be notorious, they creep into your plumbing which leads to very catastrophic clogs. Trees need water to survive, they make a search for water using their roots. When they have their roots close enough to the main sewer line, it squeezes through any connections or joints. As time goes, the roots continuously expand until your main sewer line gets to a point where it breaks or collapses.

Root incursion is always severe and goes unnoticed until it breaks your sewer line. The damage was done always require a new and stronger replacement. The point of damage by the root incursion is accessed by plumbers and the replacement is installed which is stronger to stand against tree root incursion.

Drop-In water pressure – it has a result of damage main sewer line. It causes many of your plumbing various issues. Some issues like low water pressure. This problem is often noticed when your shower starts disappointing more often. Then you check your main sewer line.

Contaminated water – your water being contaminated as a result of breaks or leaks. Dirt and debris have access to your water line through those breaks and leaks. So you need to pay extra attention to water coming from your faucet. Contaminated water usually has some of these signs – discoloration, odd odor, or grainy texture. This is really should be checked, as it may result in severe health issues if left damaged.

Water pooling in the yard – another sign of faulty main water line is water leaking, which brings about little ponds of water and lush patches of grass. Although, this problem might not be as a result of faulty main water line and there is no way to be sure except a plumber checks.

Odd noises – it actually normal to hear noises when water is running in your house especially through your faucet. However, if you keep hearing noises when you are not running water, then there is a leakage somewhere, call your plumber.

High Utility bills – whenever you notice your water bill is higher than usual, then it is probably due to damage main water line.

Pest problems – when your sewer line is faulty, it increases the tendencies for pest infestation. Pests like roaches and rats. If you start observing these pests, ask for a plumber assistance immediately. These pests are hazardous to your health.

Plumbing issues are unavoidable, but dealing with a broken main water line can be stressful and annoying. If neglected you might have your basement flooded with water and sewage. Protect your health, bills, and home by inspecting your main water line.