A room that smells of spring with my Quilt cover

Do you think I talk a lot about rain and shine right now? I pretty much agree, but I do not have to be the only one who has time on the system. I’m not the only one, either, to need the sun, the heat, the little birds that wake me up on Sunday morning … As we do not have spring outside of our home, I suggest you remedy it by bringing a spring touch, soft and pleasant in your interior and especially in your room.

As in the North, we have the sun all year in our heart and more than what you believe in the sky, it is quite natural that I will talk about a company located near my home: my quilt cover sets. This is an e-shop that offers (I give you in millet!) Laundry for your room and your home. I fell for this site for several reasons: At first, because it is easy to use, it is clear and bright. It is a site where it is good to stroll. The second reason is for its wide choice in linen: Major brands are present as Esprit, Ascidia, Sonia Ryrie and Anne de Selene.

I had two radically different favorites in this shop. I love the color and the stripes of Saint Germaine de Sonia Ryrie’s house adornment. The warm colors of this set are ideal for bringing warmth and a summery spirit to the room.

In a totally different style, I like the freshness. Fresh, but flowery, a bit like right now. We are not ready to put away the quilt, as long as she is pretty!

I also appreciate the extras offered by this online store: my deal cover offers you delivery without minimum purchase for example. This is the detail that makes us want to make us happy! But do not wait any longer, the customer service there is really the center of attention (imagine order a bed linen and receive a nice package wrapped in blue tissue paper, it makes you want to make a nice gift)