Awning: how to choose it

The awning is a small roof that is used to make a door or window, outside buildings. Aesthetic, aluminium awnings protect the storefronts from sunlight and rain. Canopies can be built hard or consist of a simple canvas.

Awning models

  • The Marquiseis the classic awning, found at the front door of houses or on the steps of restaurants. In terms of materials, the structure of the marquee is usually made of concrete, wood, wrought iron or aluminum. The Marquise’s roof is made of tiles or blades of reinforced glass.
  • The terrace awningprotects against UV rays and guarantees a slightly cooler temperature than outdoors in direct sunlight. The terrace canopy can be made of wood, aluminum, canvas or traditional framework. Some canvas models are removable, the canvas being fixed to the ground by poles and pegs.
  • The caravan awningis only made of canvas. This particular type of canopy provides campers with additional space for dining or cooking.

The criteria of choice

  • The size of the awning: entrance door awnings are seldom more than 1 m², while terrace awnings easily exceed 5 or 10 m² or more.
  • Shape: Individuals often opt for square or rectangular patterns. More original forms exist, however, such as fan or arc solutions, in a semi-circle or quarter-circle.
  • The materials used for the structure or the cover: some are more or less resistant, opaque or expensive than others. For a durable structure, it is better to choose wood or aluminum, with tiles on top.

The price range

The purchase price of a marquise is between 50 and 500 €, not to mention the cost of the installation. You can count on the same order of magnitude for terrace awnings. The cheapest are the models in canvas cotton or polyester. For caravan awnings, it is necessary to plan a budget of 500 to 1000 € at least, if you want to double the living space available.

Where to find it?

The purchase of an awning will be done either in a major DIY store, on the Internet, or by contacting specialized distributors. For the construction of a permanent awning at your home, do not forget to make a declaration to your town hall (mandatory), and wait for the reception of the authorization (within a month or so) before starting the works.