Finding The Right Disaster Solution

Not too many businesses plan ahead for tornadoes, fires, hurricanes, or floods.  On the other hand, when you do go out and find a solid partner in advance so that you can have a number to call when you need to have your facility restored, you likely will save yourself time and money.

One of the reasons that it is important to try and know how you would respond in advance is that when it comes to things like mold growth after water damage, you likely only have 24 hours to clean it up before your premises start to show the first mold growth.  Once you have a mold problem, the mitigation and restoration costs go up.

Here are some things to look for in a disaster recovery partner:

Do they match your footprint?

You may have offices in more than one location.  If you have a warehouse in Texas and a sales office in Florida, it can be helpful to work with a solid partner that can provide you with onsite contractors in both locations.  Companies like DKI Services have a nationwide presence in almost every large market.  Their contractors are all pre-qualified and specialize in removing damage and putting your business back into working condition.  If you call now, before you experience any trouble, they can set you up with an account that allows you to be prepared when actual damage occurs.

Do they work with insurance?

Most contractors that do restoration work have a lot of experience working with your insurance to ensure that they are following the terms of your policy.  Ultimately, as a consumer, what you are looking for in a partner is someone who can work well with insurance and balance your concerns, with you coming out ahead as the party that they are championing as they go through the estimate process.

In addition, having a contractor that can come in right away and provide you with an estimate that you can sign off on to clear the damage, and then provide you with another estimate checkpoint for you to have the building restored can allow your firm to get back up and running at full capacity much more quickly than trying to work with several contractors at once.

Finding a restoration specialist that meets your immediate needs when you have an emergency can generate good feelings for years.  Planning ahead and getting to know them before you actually have an emergency is an even better idea.