Know How to Create an Industrial Environment in Homes?

A key objective of incorporating industrial design in home or office interior designing entails accomplishment of an effective and seamless mix of old and new design concepts. It is focused mainly on combining raw and irregular objects with clean and modernized ones with a view to showcase everything that people find in industry, engineering or fabrication sector. The look should be simple, clutter free, open type while professionals practicing in the area offer plenty of solutions depending on one’s budget, space and intend to achieve the same.

If you’re not familiar with the term, then search the web galleries to have an overall idea about how things are done to bring in industrial feel in home ambiance. What you require brining home is the hottest design style by means of expert planning that help create a false impression and designs apply in industrial domain. Nevertheless, instead of initiating such an innovative home renovation project on DIY concept, it always makes sense to obtain expert services and look for a professional like Scott Jay Abraham who is specialized in the area. Residing in California, Mr. Abraham spends long hours to offer exclusive class interior design solutions and services to his domestic and commercial clients.

Tips for You

  • One simplest method to bring roughness in designs is to leave surfaces or walls unfinished. In addition, inclusion of raw substances can create an industrial look. Use of steel structures, pipes, metals and woods are basics of industrial design whilst proper finish of lighting, color, walling and other industrial looking substances can generate the original feel.
  • Color concept should search for neutral tones, warm sheds instead of bold, bright and stylish colors used earlier. Experts suggest blend of crisp shades with white texture as well as gray color work that offers the look.
  • Think of wide exposure of steel beams, bricks, structural steel framing or unfinished wooden and stainless steel implements. For example, exposed framing of high grade steel framing in ceiling together with a marble finished floor is a matchless pair and classy industrial design.
  • Among widely used floor options to achieve an industrial approach, one is of course well-polished concrete. Stone finish or timber finishing can also be employed to attain the desired goal.
  • Apart from standing floor lighting systems, you can also think of adding pendant lamps or caged camps instead of the trendy ones to get a great atmosphere.
  • Gather some beautifully designed timeless pieces of vintage leather-finished couch and pair it with contemporary furnishing household accessories to bring the best feel. You can also use tubby industrial couches, industrial seating systems mixed with rough but comfy cushions that look fantastic.
  • In kitchen you can use stainless steel table tops with rot iron seating systems. Use neutral cupboards with industrial idea based shelving systems that bring warmth and color to the dinning area.


Remember that industrial decor might be minimalistic; however, you’re just bringing an artificial environment. Therefore, as you should make use of old recycled pieces, when it comes to quality, you should not compromise on that. Take great ideas and services from Scott Abraham California who is an expert in industrial designing.