Lithium Battery- Its Advantages

Portable batteries are very useful equipment for almost all home electronics. Lithium is a soft silver like metal stored in mineral oil. It is highly flammable and reactive. Due to these properties it is much commonly used in portable batteries. Also it is the lightest metal and has great flexibility of moulding in to any device. They have great density of energy, small memory and low self- discharge. They are rechargeable and work with the help of intercalated lithium compound. Major components of a Lithium battery cell are two electrodes and one electrolyte. They can be used in all types of electronic systems including military and aerospace applications. Instead of using traditional lead acid batteries, lighter and easily movable Lithium batteries can be used which also offer the same voltage without changing the device’s existing system. Hence Portable lithium battery power system has become the ultimate choice for domestic and commercial purposes.

Advantages of Lithium batteries:

  • Lead acid batteries are made from a mixture of lead and sulphuric acid which were traditionally used in bigger appliances. Lithium batteries are relatively new in concept and design and are known to fit smaller devices like laptops and cordless tools.
  • Lithium batteries can absorb more capacity of the lithium battery bank say nearly 90% or sometimes even more that means almost 90 amp of a 100 amp hour battery. But with lead acid batteries you will be able to utilise only 40% of its total capacity.
  • The life span of a Lithium battery is higher than that of lead acid ones. An average Li-ion battery can discharge 80% of its capacity even after 2000 cycles. On the other hand, lead acid batteries can only deliver well till a maximum of 1000 cycles.
  • A 20% charged Lithium battery is equivalent to 80% lead acid one with respect to providing voltage. This proves that the issue of Voltage sag is merely non- existent in Lithium batteries.
  • Lithium batteries can function to their maximum capacity even at high currents whereas Lead acid ones are not effective enough leading to atleast 40% lagging in capacity at high loads.
  • They are so light and tiny that they can fit in to any device comfortably. In fact, it is one of the reasons why they are so popular.
  • They are very fast in charging that you can charge an empty charger in 30 minutes. In lead acid batteries, if the battery is not fully charged there is a chance of damage to the batteries. But in Lithium batteries there is no damage to the battery even if is just minimally charged.
  • There is little wastage of energy in Lithium batteries when compared to lead acid ones because they can store more energy. They are all the time 100% efficient when compared to Lead batteries which are up to 80% of their efficiency. This is especially advantageous with solar equipment where you try to recharge it when the sun exists.
  • Lithium can sustain in both hot and cold environments. Lead batteries generally lose their power in low temperatures.

Portable Lithium battery power system is an intelligent choice if you are looking for utmost performance of your electronic devices. But beware of the short circuits that may arise out of improper fixtures and fast recharge.