Problems Commonly Associated With Installing Slider Windows

Which Edmonton Windows replacement option is the best? This is a question that has been disturbing home owners for years. For a considerable period now, slider windows have been a preferred option for a considerable number of people in Edmonton. The increased popularity of these windows may be attributed to their outstanding quality, coupled with their affordability. As such, this type of windows is a lucrative windows replacement option for homeowners working on a tight budget. Slider windows are unique in that they do not have additional moving parts to operate the sash. Instead, the sash in these windows slides up and down within a channel. Even with constant maintenance and lubrication, these windows are bound to deteriorate with time. The reason why many enlightened homeowners are considering other window replacement options is that there are numerous problems that tend to occur in slider windows, some of which are mentioned below.

Freezing at the Corners

After installation, the weather stripping part of the window tends to deteriorate after a short period. This, in turn, allows air into the house. This is the main reason why homeowners with this type of windows constantly complain about freezing in the corners of the window, a short period after installation. While this may appear to be a small problem to some people, it will cause the material of the window to deteriorate as well, which will then affect the durability and performance of the window.

Weather Stripping

Among the good aspects of slider Edmonton Windows option is that they do not have additional movable hardware. To prevent air seepage and drafts through the windows, the slider windows feature weather stripping. This component reduces the space in between the sash and the frame as much as possible. As opposed to this, the majority of casement windows in the market today use a compression seal. This renders the casement windows more effective in limiting heat transfer through the window and in lowering the amount of sound getting into the house through the windows, as compared to the slider windows. Additionally, the weather stripping component in newer slider windows is rather tight. This makes it more difficult for one to open and close the slider windows. With time, the weather stripping will deteriorate making it easier for you to close and open the window. However, the deteriorating weather stripping will also start to allow drafts and air leaks into the house.

Weight of the Sash

A good number of the modern slider windows tend to have sashes that are comparatively heavy. This is because the manufacturers are trying to incorporate all the efficiency features of a modern window into a smaller unit. The heavier sash makes it harder for one to open and close these windows.

Rather than opt for a window option that will become problematic a short period after installation, it is advisable to get professional advice from the experts in this field, such as Windows Doors Mart, prior to purchasing any Edmonton Windows options.