How to Make your Bathroom Classy and Elegant for 2018

Let the intimate area of your house look as classy and elegant as you are.

While we’re barely a few days away from 2018, there’s still time to remodel your bathroom with or without the help of professionals. You may be busy with Christmas shopping and buying gifts for your friends and loved ones, but it’s the time of the year as well to prepare your residential home for the coming year.

It’s also time to make some changes and stop focusing only on living rooms, kitchens, and those other exposed areas in your house. It’s time for you to take your bathroom a notch higher by adding some fixtures that will make it look sophisticated. After all, it’s the first room you’ll enter at the start of the day. It may just give your morning a fresh start with its new and levelled-up look.

Here are some tips we can share with you.

One a large mirror

Isn’t it great to look at yourself in a huge mirror that reflects your whole physique from head to toe? This is a good way to evaluate yourself physically, remind you of what needs to be worked out, and just to appreciate your beauty every morning so you’ll have the confidence to face the day. Normally, a bathroom would have just one hanging mirror, but a big one covering a portion of the wall is a much better option.

Floating glass shelves

Instead of having too much cabinets for storage, shift to the classy and minimalist floating glass shelves that is both strong and aesthetically pretty. Maybe have one or two – one on top of the other. You could put some decorations there or use it for storage of items that are not sensitive against air exposure.

Clear and minimalist shower screen

Find the right type shape of shower screen for your bathroom, but we advise that you limit your options to straight and clear shower screens. You can choose either a framed one or no frame at all, but it will be best to choose plain shower screens with no design or print or carving in the middle. This will certainly give a clean look to your shower room.

Succulents on minimalist vases

Minimalist vases carrying cute little succulents are a perfect addition to an elegant bathroom. You don’t really need colorful ones because we’re trying to come up with a sophisticated look for this intimate room in your house. Let the fresh succulents give life to your morning to brighten your day early on.

White-painted wooden storage cabinets

Yes, we all love a rustic look on every area of the house. But rustic has been overused in home interiors and even events. So instead of opting for the usual wooden look for storage cabinets, try white and clean to bring a sense of luxury and elegance to your bathroom. This perfectly matches glass fixtures that we mentioned earlier.

One wall art

You don’t need bronze bathroom fixtures or golden paint colors inside to give your private home area the grandeur you desire. One wall art will suffice to make a statement. Choose that one wall decoration or painting that suits all tastes and preferences. Choose an attractive one and make sure it’s a worthy and priceless center of attention in your bathroom.