Installation and maintenance cost of a heat pump in UK

Cost of installing heat pump air source

The installation cost of heat pump air source, look here at

heat-pump- installation , depends on several factors:

 How big your house is,

 What insulation does a house have and whether you will improve it during the installation,

 What system will you install – its power, producer, model and so on,

 What heating system does your house have,

 Whether you fall under the RHI governmental initiative.

The installation of a system in the brand new house will cost less at all times, as it may be put in the construction scheme. If you plan to make the floor heating in the house where it does not exist, you will have to break all floors (especially if it is made of concrete) in all rooms that may cost too much and take a while. Air pump costs to be installed normally in ranges £7,000-£14,000. With RHI, you will additionally get (for 5 years, in pounds for a detached house):

 3285 with 1 bedroom

 4928 with 2 bedrooms

 8395 with 3 bedrooms.

Cost to install heat pump system of other types

There are three other types of heat pump systems to be installed:

1. Ground-source will take you from 11 to 20 thousand pounds with 8460/12690/21620 pounds

income for 5 years with the RHI initiative (1/2/3 bedrooms accordingly).

2. Biomass boiler will cost from 12 to 23 thousand pounds to be installed with 5490/8235/14030

pounds income for 5 years with the RHI initiative (1/2/3 bedrooms accordingly).

3. Solar thermal panels will cost from 3 to 5 thousand pounds with 830/1330/1915 pounds income for

5 years with the RHI initiative (1/2/3 bedrooms accordingly).

Savings per year and running cost of an air heat pump

If you replace the gas system with an air pump, you receive from 175 to 660 pounds economy per year.With electric one, the figures of the economy are 595-1425 pounds yearly. With oil, they are from -10 to 220 (in the first case, this is a loss, so be careful when pondering about exchanging your oil heating system to a heat pump). LPG change will provide you with 545-1500 pounds savings, and coal will be as profitable as from 590 to 990 per year.

Take into account that the figures of cost to install a heat pump UK and the annual savings may widely vary, depending on in which region do you live in (England, Wales, Ireland or Scotland), what type of the heat pump have you installed, how well your house is insulated, what RHI support have you got (if any), and how do you distribute your heat throughout the house. The latter one is of big importance as air-to- air pump gives you the cheapest and most efficient heating (and cooling on hot days, too), while air-to- water is 1.2-2 times less effective due to energy losses on shifts from air to water ambiance.