Keeping Property Secure When Nature Intrudes

The Houston area has been hit hard by several once-in-a-lifetime hurricanes and subsequent flooding. For property owners who are forced to evacuate, or for landlords who are not able to keep their eyes on numerous properties, home security alert systems and video surveillance feeds are necessary. Footage and time-stamped records are useful when pressing criminal charges and are extremely useful for insurance claims purposes. In addition to video surveillance, homeowners are relying on mobile apps and real-time monitoring. Here are a few ways Houston security companies are using technological advancements to navigate nature-based security challenges.

Improved Mobile Coverage

The FCC reports that only 4 percent of the cell towers in the Hurricane Harvey-hit region went out of service due to the storm. That’s far less than the number of cell towers that were inoperable after Hurricane Katrina. Carriers worked to ensure that cell towers were operating on generator power and other backup systems prior to the storm’s landfall. For consumers, this meant greater access to 911 and emergency service help. At the same time, improved connectivity enables everyone in the area to maintain smartphone service.

When video surveillance feeds are connected to the cloud, homeowners have remote access to feeds. With increased mobile coverage during storms, property owners can monitor their properties remotely and plan for contingencies in real-time.

Increased Hardware Durability

Many consumer-grade offer warranties and protections, but enterprise-grade cameras and those that are installed by professionals make use of hardware improvements and improved durability. These cameras are made from sturdy materials that are capable of withstanding hurricane winds and water damage. Professional installations translate to properly placed equipment that is less likely to vacate its position during the height of a storm. 

Other hardware improvements include higher video storage capacity. In the event that your wireless technology is inoperable, a wired-in camera will continue operating, and it can store greater amounts of footage than other cameras. Stored footage can then be retrieved as necessary.

Stronger Regulatory Compliance

Many homes are more than simply a place of residence. For at-home entrepreneurs and other professionals, certain industries require levels of security. Whether you are a therapist, attorney, financial consultant or another professional working within a highly regulated industry, you are required to keep your professional documents safe. Depending on your industry and professional role, video surveillance is apt to meet regulatory requirements.

For property owners who do not work from home or who are not bound by regulations, increased security for sensitive items is a must. During Hurricane Harvey, gun theft was rampant. A host of professional criminal networks systematically gained access to numerous gun stores. If you are a hunter or gun collector, it is imperative to ensure that weapons remain out of the hands of criminals. Capturing thieves on video can help law enforcement track down professional gun thieves.

As weather patterns grow more extreme, property owners must look to protect their assets from non-human threats. Video surveillance is a promising strategy.