Lethbridge Custom Home Builders

Custom home building is something of an artform, and it’s important to choose the best one that suits you. There are a plethora of home builders in Lethbridge, and a lot of them holding an impressive resume. Choosing the right builder can be a bit overwhelming, and with so many options, it’s nice to have some direction.

Custom Home Building Lethbridge

Custom home building is a very special experience. It’s designing a home that’s completely customized to your lifestyle, your family– and in a sense, your DNA. You need a custom home builder who understands how important the process is, one who’ll take the time to get to know you, empathize with your needs, and create for you the perfect place to call home. Here’s a list of top custom home builders in the city of Lethbridge. Not only do they build show homes which offer a variety of choices within them, these builders also offer completely customized homes, from the ground up.

Van Arbor Homes

First up, and for good reason, is Van Arbor Homes. Owners, Val Lowen and her husband Mike, have dedicated their lives to building custom homes for people who desire a healthy, safe space to grow. The owners work with you from the beginning to that moment you’re handed the keys, customizing every bit of the house that you want, creating for you a place that’s entirely your own, matching your entirely unique self. Van Arbor builds within a number of reputable communities around the city, building everything from move-in ready homes, to fully customized homes, to infill properties, creating from the base level, up.

Quality Custom Home Builders

Bezooyen Contracting Inc.

Other custom home builders with reputations to match their abilities are Bezooyen Contracting Inc. Building all around the city and stretching into surrounding districts, Bezooyen has a sharp eye for detail.

Empire Homes

Holding true to timeless and traditional values, Empire creates custom homes with their client’s long-term comfort in mind. Their commitment to excellence makes them a quality builder.

Type Three Homes

With a focus on modern design and sustainability, Type Three is your builder for a bolder flavour. Their focus on community and quality is among the very best.

Ashcroft Master Builder

Ashcroft holds many Builder of the Year awards, and is committed to excellence within the entire homebuilding process.

Quality Custom Home Building

These names are trusted in the community of Lethbridge, and their commitment to building you a custom home that is completely specified to you is their desire. Be sure to research and even interview with them, to get a feel for who would be the best fit for you. After all, you’ve been waiting a long time to build this home for you and for your loved ones. You want to make sure you trust the person helping you build into your very own custom dream home.