Some Top Strategies to Light Up the Different Key Areas in Your Home

It’s a common misconception that adding beautiful art and intricate features to your house will automatically make your home a more comfortable and pleasing place to be in. Whilst it’s true that this will indeed make a big difference, the decorative items will never reach their full potential without the right kind of lighting.

Lighting is not only about illuminating certain areas of the home – it’s also about making the areas and the objects within come to life. It’s about creating character. The right illumination can create drama. The right lighting can draw attention to a certain piece of art. It can play with brightness and shadows, it can create uniformity, or it can accentuate. Here are some top strategies to light up different key areas in your home.

Entering the home

This is where the first impressions start, and where you are first greeted back into your home. Make it count. Often there is some provision for natural lighting, but focus more on the kind of lighting you may need when the clouds roll in or when it’s evening or night. Think welcoming; think cosy and warm. The use of warm lights and colour contrast should be your guide.

Passing through the hallway

Ideally, there’s a light tunnel or spot lights that guide you through – but that is not always possible. If you have to install wall-mounted fixtures, it all comes down to quantity and quality, in equal proportion. It’s a matter of creating that perfect mixture of recessed and surface-mounted fixtures, such as unique industrial lighting fixtures in various designs and materials. This is particularly important for both the young and the old who wake up at night to visit the bathroom.

Task lighting

Task lighting is important for – well, for when specific tasks need to be performed. It’s not just for the kitchen or the bathroom; the laundry room, the craft room, the library, and virtually every other room benefits from fixtures that give a bright, focused light on the working area.

Closet lights

It’s becoming more popular – for good reason: it works. It makes it easier to distinguish colours and patterns, which becomes more and more important as we age.

It’s always wise to hire a designer to plan your lighting needs – though the prospect may seem daunting and expensive to some, the fact is that a good designer will be able to save you a lot of money, not just by choosing lighting that is easy to install, but also by ensuring your lighting is eco-friendly and energy efficient (and hence saving you much money over time). Whether you choose to hire a professional or not, however, make sure you plan ahead and think the project through. Lighting is too important to be neglected.