Things to Consider When Hiring a Shed and Barn Builder

A quality barn or shed doesn’t construct itself. You must get someone to do the job for you. Unfortunately, there are so many people out there who claim to offer the best services only to disappoint when it is too late. Use this checklist when choosing a barn and shed builder.

Sufficient Training

The builder doesn’t necessarily have to be an engineer, but he must at least have sufficient training to be able to build and troubleshoot according to the required standards. Look for someone who has a certification from the National Frame Building Association (NFBA). A builder who has an accreditation from NFBA has sufficient training in constructing pole barns and sheds. He must renew the accreditation after every two years and must earn 12 continuing education units within this period.


There is no alternative when it comes to experience. Your builder should have a lot of experience constructing a wide variety of barns and sheds. Someone who is experienced knows how to tackle challenges that might occur during construction. He also understands all the nitty-gritties of shed building, which puts him in a better position to deliver the desired results. We recommend someone with at least three years of experience.

The Size of Construction Crew

The number of constructors may vary, depending on the size of the project and the completion deadline. If you want a bigger barn, then you will have to hire a builder who has a large crew. For a pole barn, you will need a crew of three to four members. A two-member crew can build a smaller-sized barn, usually 30 to 40 feet wide.

The Type of Barns and Sheds Available

People have different tastes and preferences when looking for sheds for sale. The builder should be able to construct exactly what you want. Make sure he can construct barns and sheds in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Make sure he can customize his construction to fit your property. Someone who constructs barns using a standard shape, size and type will not provide the outcome you desire.

Licensure and Insurance

Make sure your builder has a valid operating license issued by the relevant authorities. A license shows that the builder has met all the requirements regarding ethical and safety standards. A license is also a proof of the builder’s capability to do quality work. In addition to the license, the builder must have an insurance coverage. The coverage should be enough to take care of any injuries or damages that might occur during construction.


Your builder should provide you with a list of three to five clients he has worked with in the past. Reach out to each one of these clients and let them tell you about their overall experience with the builder. Let them tell you how the builder handled their inquiries and whether he worked according to their expectations. If possible, let them show you the barn the builder constructed and see if it is what you want.

Hiring someone to construct your barn or shed is an important process you should not take lightly. Make sure the person you hire has a valid license, enough crew members, considerable amount of experience and sufficient training.