Tips For Modern Day Nursery Décor

Motherhood is a beautiful journey and other than the heavenly prospect of holding your teeny tiny tot for the first time, there is a bucket load of tasks and preparations that might seem a little challenging. And one of these is to design a beautiful nursery for him/her. What kind of paint should you choose for the room? Also the essential items to be stocked in the nursery and similar such things occupy the major chunk of your mind.

If you are a mommy-to-be, then you need not fret; we have got you covered. These tips and ideas can be quite handy and probably remind you of something that you have not added in your list. Read on to know some safety advice or a tip that could help make more out of your space.

Design and textures:

Bright and bold: You can experiment with colours and go for wallpapers that add a pop of colour to the room. It makes sense if you use it on one wall and go for some catchy designs such as a bus or toy soldier. Vibrant pinks and blues in addition to the accessories and furnishings will give a nice touch to the room.

Gender neutral: You can go for simple and soft hues such as yellow which make the room cozy. You can paint a nature motif on the wall or get simple vinyl wall decals such as a tree branch to make your task even simpler. If you want to be a minimalist, you can go for gray and yellow tones for the wall which is quite a popular combo these days. Also, hang some paper cranes from the ceiling for a more artistic feel.

Patterns: If adding bold colours to the room isn’t your preference then you can consider picking a colour and go for its subtle shades. The cot against a somber and toning colour will give a great look to the room.

Colours: Irrespective of the theme that you come up with, the kind of colour that you pick can make a stark difference to the nursery. Pink and blue are quite common and conservative and we are sure that you would want something that stands out. You can experiment with different shades of green as it brings the outdoors in and is symbolical to springs. Teal is yet another one which creates a different aura during the night and day. During the day, it appears bright while at night it appears cozy. You can stick to popular pastels such as lilac, pale green, pale blue since these are used effortlessly in modern day nurseries.

It’s recommended to finish wallpapering or painting at least eight weeks before the baby’s arrival. This will ensure that the surroundings are clean and do not pose any risk to the baby.


A crib is a must for any nursery but if you have a compact space, you can opt for a ‘mini’ crib. This is essentially a crib with the difference that it is small and portable. So if your newly born is just a couple of weeks old, you can move the portable crib to your own room.

Also, if you are running on a budget then you can consider spending on adaptable furniture. For example, instead of going for crib sets, you can choose cot sets which can be adjustable so that when your tiny tot grows, you can use the same furniture without having to worry about changing it and going through a similar ordeal. Nowadays, a lot of furniture is available with contemporary design features and can be adjusted for different purposes.

If you are wondering about how early you should get the nursery furniture, you can begin getting it during your second trimester. This will give you sufficient time to decide on the style and theme. Most importantly, you will have the stamina and energy to get things done during that time. gives you the right selection of nursery furniture for your little ones including bedding, pushchairs and other furnishings at discounted prices.


Make sure there is enough storage in the room to stuff the toys or other daily items. Under-bed access enables you to put the baby accessories or toys in the storage grid which can be rolled out anytime. Adding shelves to the room can be further used for storing supplies such as creams etc.

Often parents underestimate the amount of storage they require since they aren’t sure about the stuff they will need later, so it becomes important to figure out the storage space which is needed; which might be lesser in the beginning and then you would need some more.

These tips will be useful and save you the ordeal while preparing the nursery.