Transform Your Bedroom with Crown Moulding

Since we spend so much of our sleep time in one of the most comfortable parts of the house, it makes sense to decorate or renovate our bedroom to make it as cosy and inviting as possible. To attract our eyes to the edge of the ceiling and provide a soft and subtle touch to our upper walls, the use of crown moulding is infinitely suitable. Here are a few stunning bedroom designs that use crown mouldings to accentuate and highlight a sophisticated design.

Duplicate Your Crown Moulding

The splendid use of a double cove crown moulding gives the centre of the room an added illusion of height. Its dark-stained finished is both polished and refined, lending an air of old world majesty that perfectly complements the other wooden accents of the room. Using a dark colour for the crown moulding also provides a clear divider and immediately draws the eyes towards the ceiling.

Custom-made Crown Moulding Pieces

If you have a bold idea you’ll most likely have to turn to custom-making. The acanthus leaves and egg-and-dart detailing at the uppermost part of the crown moulding is only the tip of the iceberg. Two elaborate and stylised motifs can be used to add intricacy. The finished work is then glazed for a slightly metallic look, giving an air of wealth and riches in an otherwise simple room.

The Marriage of Crown Mouldings

The use of crown molding styles in transitional bedroom can be seen in several instances. The uppermost part of the room is ringed with a slightly curving crown moulding that adds a softness between the transition of wall to ceiling. Above the Roman shades, there is also another type of crown moulding with a sharp finish to emphasise an edge. Lastly, a subtle touch of trim can also be seen at the top of the beautifully mirrored cabinet.

Applying a Practical Side 

When you have the perfect opportunity to highlight an arch-shaped room such as this, the use of crown mouldings with light holders can provide a functionality that would otherwise be wasted. Warm lighting beaming upwards towards the horizontal ceiling panels creates a soft effect, blurring the boundary between wall and ceiling.

Just One Colour

Although crown mouldings are usually left white, this doesn’t translate to a boring and faded design if properly used. Although there are actually many types of lines can be used in a room, it is softened with a bright colour. The use of a double crown moulding in the centre can adds an illusion of height and a soft touch of shadow, emphasising a depth towards the middle. Add in just a few muted colours and you’ll end up with a stunning display that’s both understated and comfortable.

Two Types of Crown Moulding

You can never really have too many crown mouldings. With the right type and materials available, it’s very possible to incorporate them subtly into any surrounding. This bedroom is the perfect example of wall crown mouldings and cabinetry crown mouldings. The distinction between the white foam used on the walls and the stained maple wood on the cabinets provides a taste of two different elements working in harmony.

Providing a Split Design

 If you have the ceiling height, this is one use of crown moulding you can consider for your bedroom. Although usually located at the uppermost part of the wall, this crown moulding was instead used as a divider, creating an illusion of a double-storey height. Perfectly matched with the windows, a clean horizontal line spans the entire room. The ceiling is also a patchwork of crown mouldings in various shapes and sizes, providing a simple and stunning design.

Create your own beautiful bedroom with crown mouldings today. After centuries of change, it is still a favourite go-to enhancement that suits almost every kind of design you can think of. Since there are so many choices of crown moulding out there, you’ll definitely be spoilt for choice.