Tips for Keeping Scorpions Away

If you have scorpions living inside of your home or yard, you are probably interested in how you can keep the scorpions away. We have some quick tips and ideas that you can use to try and keep scorpions out of your home and away from your yard for many years to come.

Sealing Your Home

Would you be surprised to learn that scorpions to make their way inside of your home through a crack the with of a credit card? Scorpions need a very small opening inside of your home in order to make their way inside. You probably haven’t checked the foundation of your home in a while. If there are cracks in your foundation, or in the siding of your home, You need to go through and still those cracks with a caulk material in order to keep scorpions out. Simply spilling these cracks is going to keep a lot of these little critters outside of your home.

Remove Shelter

Depending on the type of Scorpion that is living in your yard, you may be able to remove their shelters in order to keep them away. Most scorpions prefer to hide out during the day and be active during the night. During the day, they are going to want to Dayton places that are dark and cool in order to stay out of the Sun and out of your vision. If you have wood piles, or other places that are dark and cool laying around in your yard you want to clean them up. Simply cleaning up the area in your backyard is going to make a big difference and encourage scorpions to move somewhere else.

Keep Insects Away

Scorpions feed on other small insects. Do you have an insect problem as well in your home, you were going to have a scorpion problem for a while. You need to make sure that you are removing their food source so that they do not have a reason to be near your home. Getting rid of all the small insects that are living near your house, like ants and flies,  is going to make a difference in the number of scorpions that are you are seeing in your yard.

Monthly Pest Control

If you already have a scorpion problem, it is not likely that simply doing the things that we are suggesting is going to make a big difference. While it is going to keep scorpions away from coming to your home, it is not going to get rid of all the Scorpions that have already made your yard their home.If you do have a problem with scorpions, one of the biggest suggestions that we have is that you hire a scorpion control company to come in and do monthly scorpion control.

Having someone come in once a month to treat your yard is going to make the biggest difference in making sure that the Scorpions are not multiplying in your area. Having someone come in monthly is going to make sure that you are not missing any signs of a scorpion infestation. They will be able to track how well their services are working, and make sure that they are making your home a scorpion free zone.